FREE SHIPPING -- Anywhere in the continental U.S.

The process is simple.

1. You customize a Cornagram to say whatever you want, or pick out a Cornagram that speaks to you.

2. You can also include an optional message that we print out and will include in the package with the Cornagram to ship.

3. You can also say who it's from if you don't want to be anonymous, or put whatever name you'd like for added confusion!

4. Our expert carvers immediately get to work plucking out all of the kernels of the cob except for the select few that form those beautiful words.

5. We spray it with a thick sealant to give it more stability and ensure it lasts for years.

6. We slide your freshly plucked Cornagram along with your message inside a cardboard mailer tube and ship it to whoever you addressed the shipping to.

7. We ship it completely 100% anonymously. The recipient will never know who sent it, unless you filled out the 'from' section or gave a hint in your message.

The confusion starts when the recipient first sees a mailer tube addressed to them.

As they excitingly ponder what it can be, they open the tube, unfold a short band of bubble wrap, and BAM! There's your messaged chiseled out of a corn on the cob. Confused, the receipt sees a small piece of paper that fell out with the Cornagram. The recipient reads it, and sees who it is/isn't from, which may or may not have some recognition that this package is indeed targeted towards them. Perhaps they even look back on the mistakes they may have made in their life to bring them up to this point.

100% of our profits go towards enhancing the lives of farmers with disabilities through an amazing charity called Agrability.

Purchase and send a Cornagram today to the person you love (or hate), and all for a good cause. They are sure to never forget it. Thank you for your support!

Cob Bless.