FREE SHIPPING -- Anywhere in the continental U.S.

The process is simple.

You pick out a Cornagram cob that you would like to send to somebody (or yourself), and we make it and ship it for free! Every order includes a free optional message that can include your real name, or any name that you choose!

Our cobs show up in a cardboard mailer tube wrapped in bubble wrap. As the consumer opens up the mailer tube and unwraps the bubble wrap, confusion starts to set in as they start to see a resemblance of something familiar, yet unlike anything they've ever seen before...

As the bubble wrap is unfolded, a little message on a white strip of paper appears, and says... well really, whatever you want to say on it! It also says it's from whoever the hell you want to say it's from.

As even more confusion sets in, the consumer wonders what mistakes they may have made in their life to bring them up to this point, and that's when they first see the beautifully hand crafted Cornagram cob for the first time. They notice it's unique, slightly fucked up, and sprayed with a coating to make it last for years so they have no reason to get rid of it, OR feed it to wild life. 

We appreciate your support as you continue to still read what is left of this long 'About' page from a company that carves words out of corn, you backwoods internet lurker you...

In all seriousness-ish, we are a funky bunch located in Madison WI, looking to deliver some laughs and give back to the farmers who keep us fed in the process. Please feel free to order a cob (or two) and bring a smile (or sheer look of confusion) to someones day. Thank you for your continued support!


Cob Bless.